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The technology going into steel shot designed for waterfowl has come a long way since it was first mandated in the late ‘80s.
The ol' Browning Auto-Five has the elevated distinction of being recognized as the first self-loading scattergun.
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TSS (tungsten super shot) is dynamite on turkeys, but how does it potentially perform on bad guys?
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There are plenty of reasons why you should consider shotgun hunting coyotes, chief among them is the excitement level.
The Kolar Arms Over/Under Shotgun is Making Waves in Trap, Sporting Clays and Skeet.
From the new book Guns of the FBI, take an insider’s tour into the G-man’s world of firearms and training with these 20 historical photos.
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Custom guns are beautiful to behold, but they might also be one of the best firearm investments. Here’s why.
Are the new TSS shotgun shells all they're made out to be? Can it be used for home defense?
Modern-day shotgun slugs have had their own evolution and history, and as you may suspect, they’re not all created equal.
Though very often overlooked, the slug gun continues to evolve — which means much-improved accuracy.