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Though very often overlooked, the slug gun continues to evolve — which means much-improved accuracy.
Quick shooting and eye-catching, the small-bore Henry shotguns are instant classics.
Champion shooter Cory Kruse's tips for sporting clays success. Tactics for finding your break zone and game planning a station for greater sporting clays success.
Though highly sought, history has not been kind to L.C. Smith shotgun.
Hunting down a world-class over/under shotgun? It all comes down to fit.
The 590M Shockwave provides overwhelming firepower and lightning-fast reloads with the addition of a double-stack detachable magazine.
The four pieces of new kit no range bag should do without.
Fast shooting and hard hitting, the Citadel RS-S1 has a definite intimidation factor.
The Modern Shooter team gets world-class trap shooting advice from world-record holder Dave Miller.
The impressive engineering in Winchester's Hex Steel Shot delivers superior results on the hunt.
Winchester’s new Super X4 takes the manufacturer’s already great SX3 and improves upon it, offering a do-all shotgun fit for a number of shooting endeavors.
Determining your hold point at a sporting clays station get you in the position for success.
Mossberg rounds out its 590 Shockwave line with a model chambered for the highly manageable and potent .410.
The shotgun reigns supreme for defending your home. Period.
From red-hot 10mm defensive loads to blinding rail lights, we've got everything you need to secure your humble or not so humble abode.
Swing and follow-through aren't the only aspects that get you shotgun on target. Master fundamental footwork and you'll bag more birds.