Ruger Expands GP100 Line with .22 LR Option

Ruger's GP100 line of revolvers has gone to the plinkers in its latest iteration.
Ruger’s GP100 line of revolvers has gone to the plinkers in its latest iteration.

Of the many styles of firearms in its catalog, Ruger’s revolvers have built a dedicated following.

The New Hampshire/Arizona manufacturer’s wheelguns have won it throngs of fans, in part, due to their reputation as being both accurate and tough as nails. But the handguns’ performance and durability aren’t their only selling points. There is also the little matter of the company’s large and varied catalog.

If revolvers are your thing, it’s a fair bet Ruger most likely has one with the features you’re looking to find. And the gun maker is far from done offering new options to shooters.

The company’s latest addition to its revolver roster is a GP100 chambered in .22 LR. The model and caliber marriage Ruger has arranged is intriguing and has the potential to go over big with a wide swath. In particular, because the revolver should be a really solid shooter in .22, given its dimensions.

Along these lines, Ruger’s medium frame, double-action revolver’s heft is one of its main assets. At 42 ounces, it might be a bit heavy in a hip holster, but it should provide a stable platform to drill bull’s eyes. On top of that, its weight should all but erase the .22 LR’s light recoil, making long plinking sessions all the more enjoyable.

Able to hold 10 rounds, Ruger's new GP100 .22 LR promises long shooting sessions.
Able to hold 10 rounds, Ruger’s new GP100 .22 LR promises long shooting sessions.

Adding to the 5.5-inch barreled revolver’s shootability is its grips, which feature wrap around cushioned rubber. But Ruger has added a touch of aesthetics with hardwood inserts on the sides of the grips

The stainless steel handgun has a satin finish and boasts all the features of the GP100 line. Of the more notable, the .22 has a triple-locking cylinder for more positive alignment and Ruger’s transfer bar safety to guard against a negligent discharge. It also is outfitted with a fully adjustable rear sight, a real plus on a firearm destined for plenty of target shooting.

The GP100 .22 LR is sold with a hard plastic case and presently has an MSRP of $829.


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