Century Arms Centurion AK-47
The AK-47 by Centurion: American-built all the way.

Different from all other AK-47 variants manufactured in other countries, the Centurion is assembled with American-made parts making it  unique in the long list of examples of the most-produced rifle in the history of firearms.

Previous wars have proven that any peasant with no education can learn how to use the AK-47 within an hour and thus, the gun has found a home throughout the world’s revolutions, uprisings, and insurgencies. When Mikhail Kalashnikov designed it in 1947 he was just trying to fill a need for the Russian army.  Often referred to as the Kalash in Russian, this rifle has been picked up by more countries then I can count as a standard military rifle.

The Centurion 39 is chambered for the 7.62X 39 cartridge, which delivers a strong downrange punch and penetrating ability; unlike its rival the 5.56 NATO.  In my opinion, the only reason our military doesn’t use the same cartridge is that pride just won’t let the powers that be admit that this is one hell of a round.

The folks at Century Arms have seen the light by offering a completely American-made rifle where the level of quality can be controlled and production planning can be addressed. The end result is the shooter has a high-quality AK-47 that shoots straight with the dependability of its forerunners. This thing never quits in the field.

In some grades the receivers on AK’s tend to be a bit sloppy to say the least.  Not so with the Centurion 39.  This rifle makes use of a completely machined receiver from an 11-pound block of high-grade 4140 ordnance steel.  This is the heart of the rifle’s quality and the basis for its ability to deliver accuracy down range. With a 16.5-inch barrel with a 1-in-9.5 twist, the rifle stabilizes bullets in the neighborhood of 125 grains very well.

Sights on this rifle are far better than most standard AK-47 systems. This rifle carries a red high-glow bright front sight post and is fully adjustable for elevation to 800 yards, with windage adjustment as well.

With a complete set of Weaver rails on the forend the rifle can be fitted with lights, lasers, broomhandles, or scopes.

The composite stock has an upgraded design that is an inch longer at the butt making a better fit for larger-frame shooters and yet is still fast handling in tight quarters. Century Arms uses a special flash suppressor, the V -shaped Chevron Compensator, that is designed to drive spent gas away from the muzzle, which aids in reducing muzzle jump when firing rapidly.  The controls on the rifle are standard and simple like those on other AK-47 rifles.

Accuracy and Field Testing

Testing the Centurion AK-47
Groups at 100 yards were much tighter with the use of a red-dot sight.

Test firing consisted of using Remington factory loads with a 123-grain full metal jacket bullet. We fired at 100 yards to test for accuracy.

Shooting 100-yard groups of five rounds with the standard open sights from a light bench rest produced a 4.182-inch group.  Not fancy, but with a heavy front-sight blade, keeping everything level and on the money was a bit of a chore.

Later with an Aimpoint Comp M4 mounted on a QRP2 with a spacer and killflash, the groups shrunk to 2.821 inches.  During additional testing the use of the Aimpoint would be very significant regarding raw, on-target, combat-related scores.


  1. Accuracy is not much to speak of, then again, the rear sight is still a notch set way too far forward to be useful. The manufacturer should have mounted a peep sight on the rear cover of the receiver. Maybe a good scope and better ammo will help this rifle a bit.

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