Do you carry everything you think you might need? Do you look things over and determine the weight to value ratio? Whether you are on duty or carrying a CCW, your belt is full and usually heavy enough. And you know the old saying, a gun doesn’t get any lighter at the end of the day.So, what do you carry… bare minimum… and why?Do you have a set of cuffs handy? Is there a “bug-out bag” in your car or truck? What about first-aid gear? Many years ago I came upon a car crash with two bleeding teenagers inside the battered sedan. All I had was a couple towels in my vehicle. You can bet that has since changed.If you think you need a gun, do you think you’ll need extra ammo or handcuffs? Pick one. Tell us why you chose it.How about a flashlight? A good one can be a force option. It can also light up the dark corners when you feel something just isn’t right.So, let’s hear it. Tell us about your basic kit.


  1. The only thing I carry every day is a Kershaw Leek assisted opener. It could be used for defense, but it’s more of a tool for everyday tasks.nnThat’s just on my person. In my car, I’ve got tools and winter gear up the wazoo.