AR-15 Review: Get Tactical in 2015



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Don’t believe the gloom and doom about the slowing AR market. Now has never been a better time to be shopping for your first … or 12th modern sporting rifle.

Battle Rifle Company BR4 Odin

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This carbine is a joint project between Battle Rifle Company (BRC) and Odin Works—makers of premium rifle accessories. It has a 14.5-inch cryogenically treated barrel with 1:7 or 1:9 twist and a permanently mounted BRC flash suppressor. The handguard is the Odin Works 12.5-inch Keymod rail with one detachable five-slot rail. It ships with a Magpul stock, B.A.D. lever, Ergo pistol grip and a winter trigger guard. The overall length is 35 inches with the stock extended and it weighs 6.1 pounds. It comes chambered in 5.56 NATO, with 300 Blackout optional. Other options include a Nickel Boron bolt carrier, ECS Stock, Vltor Stock and mid-length gas system. ($1,495;

2015 looks to be a good year for ARs, and it’s off to a good start. This year’s SHOT Show saw some companies offering new features, some companies just changing the dressing, one company offering no dressing and some companies offering hybrids of caliber platforms and even rifle platforms. With firearms as super-popular as the AR—much like the 1911—companies don’t feel like they can contently sit with last year’s model. There’s a feeling that they must produce a new model or configuration every year. With 1911s this often means that a “new model” is just different checkering on the grip. This is sometimes true with the AR, but not the ones that made this list.

This article appeared in…Modern Shooter Spring 2015.

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