Will Your Home Survive a Hurricane?


How to Survive a Hurricane: Evaluate Your Location

Hurricane-Survival-Survive-a-HurricaneWhen it comes to hurricane preparedness as a storm approaches, you need to think about your location critically. Whether you're at home or on vacation, and you find yourself in an emergency situation, perform a “hasty hazard analysis.”

Ask yourself these questions.

Will Your Home Survive a Hurricane? The House Itself

How old is your home? Was it built before 2002? After 2002, hurricane codes were improved tremendously.

Will Your Home Survive a Hurricane? The Roof Design

What type of roof do you have? Is it a hip roof or a gable roof? A hip roof is one that comes down on all corners. A gable roof is the one that has a triangle at one end or the other. If you have a hip roof, you're probably a little better off than if you had a gable roof.

Will Your Home Survive a Hurricane? The Roof Materials

Is the roof made with shingles or tiles? Old shingles have a tendency to blow off in storms. Cracked tiles, even one or two, can cause damage to the entire roof if the wind gets underneath them.

Will Your Home Survive a Hurricane? Counting the Stories

For every 33 feet you increase in elevation (about every three stories up you are from the ground) you can actually add one category of storm intensity.

Will Your Home Survive a Hurricane? Debris

Watch for materials or structures that can blow into your home. Clear them prior to the hurricane if possible.

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