Where Disaster Strikes – Duluth Deluge

Where Disaster Strikes – Duluth Deluge

It's being called the “Duluth Deluge.” The worst flooding in more than a century hit the Lake Superior port city in northern Minnesota on Wednesday, June 20, as well as surrounding towns.

The rain came fast and hard, dumping 10 inches in a matter of hours. The flood ripped apart paved roads, washed away vehicles and even hoisted animals over their Lake Superior Zoo compounds.

The geography of Duluth compounded the flash flooding. Much of the city is built on a hill leading into Lake Superior. This natural waterway focused drainage through city streets. It trapped many residents who couldn't get out in time.

This is why a bug-out bag is so important. Having something portable to grab during an emergency allows for a quick exit. This also helps first responders. Their resources can be focused on the elderly, injured or disabled.

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