Where Disaster Strikes: Desert Survival Situations



Desert survival starts with being prepared
The outcome of a desert survival situation depends on preparedness. But even that can only go so far in extreme conditions.

There's a tendency to think disasters happen on large scales, but that's not true. The geographic scope of an event doesn't matter when you consider it's individuals who experience them. To that individual, a local disaster may as well be the whole world.

Which is why it's important to remember desert survival situations, such as that of William Martin LaFever. This 28-year-old man from Colorado Springs spent three weeks lost in a Utah desert. He survived off scavenged food and river water, according to FOXNews.com.

LaFever has autism, which may have contributed to him losing his way during a hiking trip to the scenic Escalante Desert.

This small-scale disaster resulted in a serious survival situation. Yet in an ironic twist, it may have been LaFever's autism that also saved him this July.

From the article:

Gardner's training in searching for people with autism taught him they are naturally drawn to water, so the helicopter search focused on the Escalante River, the department said.

The helicopter team spotted LaFever Thursday afternoon, sitting in the Escalante River about five miles from Lake Powell, barely being able to wave his arms.

Desert survival tipsHowever, that's not a coincidence anyone should rely upon. Gun Digest recommends picking up a copy of Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need for tips on desert survival.

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