Video: Zombies in the Heartland, Frighteningly Unique 3-Gun Match

Video: Zombies in the Heartland, Frighteningly Unique 3-Gun Match

The living dead just have a way of livening up a 3-gun match.

At least it seems that way when it comes to the May 30 to June 1 Zombies in the Heartland shoot at the Grand Island, Neb., Heartland Public Shooting Park. The competition is entering its third year and its zombie-Apocalypse theme appears to be red meat to shooters from all over the Great Plains.

It really isn't difficult to figure out why people have devoured this match. How often do shooters get to make head shots on the living dead from broken-down buses or while traipsing through a cemetery? Not to mention, thumbing off rounds at reactive — sometimes explosive — targets also has a way of getting the competitive juices flowing.

The above video from the Grand Island Independent gives a pretty solid idea of what the event is all about.

If the zombie shooting aspects of the 3-gun match aren't enough to float your boat there are always the shooters themselves. As the video from the Outdoor Channel shows below, the shooter themselves are truly the spooky aspect of the competition.

Check out the Zombies in the Heartland website for more information on the 3-gun match and to register for the competition.

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