Video: Two-Bullet Scope Sighting System

Video: Two-Bullet Scope Sighting System

Hunting season is getting into full swing, but before you head out into the field, there are number of things to prep. Perhaps key among them is making sure your favorite shotgun or rifle is clean and in working order. A close second, however, is making certain your scope is sighted in.

For some this is an infuriating process of chasing rounds around a target until they hit where the crosshairs are laid. But there is a much simpler system that saves time, ammunition and frayed nerves. In fact, all it requires is a bit of knowhow and two rounds.

The guys at GY6vids give a pretty good demonstration of this two-bullet sighting method in the above video. And even if you have your own way of getting on target, give this system a try — you’ll be wowed with how well it works.

Of course, you have to bring a few things to the table to get this scope sighting system to work correctly, such as breath control and trigger discipline. But the time and ammo you save sighting in can be invested into more fruitful endeavors — such as getting off the benchrest to practice in field conditions. Incidentally, we have a great video posted talking about just that topic.

Happy hunting!


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