Video: Sighting in a Rifle in Two Shots

Video: Sighting in a Rifle in Two Shots

Getting a rifle to knock the “X” out of the bull's eye can either be a pleasure or a frustration, depending on who's behind the trigger. Making matters a little more simple is Doug Painter of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, who in this video gives a quick and easy technique to get a gun on target in two shots.

There seems to be two huge advantages to sighting in a rifle this way: It's a time saver and it cuts down on the ammunition needed to get scoped in. Given the fluctuations in ammo supplies as of late, the second factor certainly has become a consideration any time a shooter goes to the range.

Clever as the two-shoot technique appears to be, it does seem to demand a certain level of marksmanship to be effective. Consistent trigger pull and proper breath control are among a few of the skills that will have to be mastered in full before this method of sighting in can be expected to pay dividends. But once they have, this appears to be a valuable tool for a shooters to have in their repertoires.

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