Video: Make a Workplace Survival Kit

Video: Make a Workplace Survival Kit

Why You Need a Workplace Survival Kit

Jim Cobb is back with another of his innovative survival kit ideas. This time he focuses on making a workplace survival kit.

No, his mini survival kit video isn't about navigating awkward water cooler discussions or office politics. The aim here is to have a pocket survival kit that can be carried to and from the workplace.

Workplace survival kits are an often overlooked part of emergency preparedness. In a given week, a person working full-time likely spends a high percentage of the day away from home (don't forget the commute). Home survival kits are great, but they don't carpool.

A full-blown disaster doesn't have to happen for workplace survival kits to become necessary. Severe weather could prevent employees from leaving. A power outage might make things uncomfortable. Sprinklers could drench employees as they exit because of fire. In the winter, that could be deadly.

Workplace Survival Kit Items

Here's Cobb's workplace emergency kit checklist from the video:

Pen light
Small knife
Coins (money to use in vending machines)
Emergency blanket
Snack foods
Pain relievers & over-the-counter medicine
Emergency whistle
Hand sanitizer
First Aid kit

Other items could include bottles of water, prescription meds, N95 face masks, extra clothing, a cell phone charger and anything else specific to the workplace location.

Your Workplace Survival Kits

Of course, every workplace survival kit will be different. This video is just to get you thinking. The only hard-and-fast rule is that something is better than nothing.

Have you made a workplace survival kit? What items did you include? Leave a note in the comments below.

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