Video: Lyman Introducing Slew of New Products

Video: Lyman Introducing Slew of New Products

Lyman Ammo Tracker ChronographLyman is one of the latest to release a tease of its new products it’s set to release at the 2015 SHOT Show. And, to say the least, the Connecticut manufacturer has an impressive roster of goods.

The company’s video is worth a watch in its entirety, mainly because the volume of new Lyman products would require too much digital ink to document. But, there were two new goods that appear to be worth a little extra mention.

Lyman is releasing a new Chronograph, the Ammo Tracker, and it has the bells and whistles that might turn some shooters’ heads. In particular, the device’s data display appears to be extremely user friendly.

The Ammo Tracker Chronograph continuously displays data in real time. After each shot, the high, low and average velocities are updated, as are extreme spread, standard deviation, shot number and string number.

Making the unit a bit handier is Lyman opting to make the display screen separate from the chronograph proper. This allows shooters to reference data after a shot without every having to get up from the bench.

The present MSRP for the Lyman Ammo Tracker is 159.95.

Not everyone needs a borescope, but Layman is certainly making them more available to the average shooter with the Borecam Digital Borescope.

Outfitted with a 22-inch probe and designed to fit 20 calibers, the scope is ideal for inspecting a firearm for chamber damage, fouling or erosion. And unlike many available on the market today, Lyman new scope comes with a digital display.
Lyman Borecam Borescope
The monitor of Lyman’s borescope not only frees shooters from having to squint down an eyepiece. It also gives them the opportunity to document the inside of their firearm.

The scope has the capability of taking digital pictures, storing the information on a SD card. The pictures can then be downloaded and viewed on a computer or laptop.

Borecam Digital Borescope carries a bit of price tag, presently its MSRP is $299.95. But, this is a fraction of most other scopes’ retail prices.


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