Top 10 Survival Tips and How to Get Started

Top 10 Survival Tips and How to Get Started
It's easy to shove preparedness down on your list of priorities. Ask yourself, "How much do I value my family's survival during a disaster?" Not so low now, is it?



The top 10 survival tips

Top Survival Tips #1: Don't Get Caught Unprepared

This one is the essence of all the other survival tips. Have emergency supplies of food, water and other necessities always on hand. It doesn't take much to get started. Here are 10 steps for a disaster plan you can make right now. Keep going with these 30 essential items for a home survival kit. Plus, don't skip this article on the five home survival kit essentials you’ll forget.

For short-term survival and spontaneous evacuation, make a bug-out bag.

Top Survival Tips #2: Be Informed of What's Happening

Monitor news and world events. Always have an emergency radio nearby. Gun Digest has an entire blog about emergency communication. Read it.

Top Survival Tips #3: The Government Won't Protect You

Protect yourself and those for whom you are responsible. The government isn't in charge of your well-being. That's up to you. If you need more convincing, read this article exploring why.

Top Survival Tips #4: Be Prepared to Handle Medical Emergencies

You may have to go beyond antiseptic spray and band-aids. Start thinking about this important topic with these First Aid tips for survival kits.

Top Survival Tips #5: You'll Need Light & Fire When the Power Grid Fails

Keep a flashlight, matches, kerosene lamp and candles ready to go. Gun Digest did a review of a great fire-starting tool here. And if you're really in a pinch, here's how to start a fire with a bow drill.

Top Survival Tips #6: Carry a Compass — Your GPS Won't Always Work in the Wilderness

Learn how to actually use it and how to read a map. Prepare yourself mentally with these eight rules for wilderness survival.

Top Survival Tips #7: Invest in a Good, Strong Lockblade Folding Knife

The knife is one of mankind's most versatile tools. Learn more about survival knives in this download from Gun Digest.

Top Survival Tips #8: Keep Your Cell Phone Charged

Explore alternate ways of charging phones like battery packs and DC outlets. Of course, if the grid is down, your cell phone won't be of any use. Here's an article about a disaster not long ago when cell phones went down.

Top Survival Tips #9: Be Wary of Strangers

Disasters make people panic. Protect what's yours within reason. Use your head. Some strangers can help, others can hurt. Just don't go overboard. It's not like there's a zombie apocalypse on the way.

Top Survival Tips #10: Whenever Legally Possible, Carry a Handgun You Know How to Use

Gun Digest‘s series on survival guns goes in-depth on this topic. Scott Wagner offers excellent tips. Take advantage of his expertise.

Arm Yourself With Knowledge


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