Survival Gear: Don’t Let It Kill You

Survival Gear: Don’t Let It Kill You


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Grill

Even if this image, found on this thread, isn't true, it brings up a good point. Having the right gear is important. But it's even more imperative to know how to use it.

The example above might be hard to read, so here's the rundown. A couple out camping used a portable charcoal grill to cook food. Inside their tent. Carbon monoxide, a lethal yet often unnoticed gas, filled the tent. The couple needed emergency medical treatment as a result.

Heeding the many warnings on charcoal bags could have prevented this incident. It goes to show that even well-meaning, prepared people can be their own worst enemies. The right set of mental tools will help in the application of physical ones.


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  1. cant remember the number of times i have pointed this out to people on the trail
    PLEASE remember to keep the tent fly WIDE OPEN and remove any grill type cooking device out of the tent at least several feet away from the tent walls before closing it


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