Stop: Don’t Barter Your Ammunition Away

Stop: Don’t Barter Your Ammunition Away

ball-ammo1-300x2251It's been repeated many times in the preparedness community that “ammunition will be the new currency once the SHTF.” Other calibers are mentioned, but this idea is most commonly associated with .22 ammunition.'s Jim Cobb disagrees.

In fact, Cobb not only discourages people from stockpiling ammunition to trade later, he offers this advice in his new Living Ready Online Course, How to Barter for Survival:

“They might decide to return it back to you at a very high velocity, then see what else you have,” Cobb said in his Online Course on bartering.

That's not a hard and fast rule, though. It often depends on how well the barterers know each other.

“The only exception would be if it's a family member, a close friend or someone in your retreat group. Then it's probably OK. But a stranger or anything like that, I would avoid it all costs,” Cobb said.

Still, it's tempting to think of ammunition in terms of barterable items. After all, it meets Cobb's 3 Rules of Bartering.

Instead of ammunition, Cobb recommends stocking up on other essentials for post-disaster barter economies. He reviews them in detail in his How to Barter for Survival Online Course.

It's important information to know, because it's nearly guaranteed that businesses won't be operating normally following a natural or man-made disaster. Bartering for goods and services will be the only way – outside of looting, which is never a good idea – to obtain needed items.

Would you be willing to trade away ammunition? What items do you keep on hand for bartering? Leave a note in the comments below.

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