SilencerCo Not Keeping Quiet about Suppressor Rights

SilencerCo Not Keeping Quiet about Suppressor Rights


When it comes to dispelling myths about suppressors and advocating for the expanded rights of their use, few companies can hold a candle to SilencerCo. And the Utah-based manufacturer has launched an interesting new campaign to keep people informed about activism regarding the device, while promoting their many uses.

Tagged as #FightTheNoise on Twitter and Instagram, SilencerCo is attempting to mobilize political support for pro-suppressor legislation when it pops up at the state or Federal level. Along the way, the company plans to throw a little swag around.

From SilencerCo's website:

SilencerCo will reach out to you during important times of legislative action; by adding your voice, we can become that much more effective in making ourselves heard. To thank you for your support, we will send regular supply drops of #FightTheNoise propaganda and enter you into our monthly suppressor and EasyTrust™ giveaways – the winners of which are chosen solely from members of The Suppressed.

Now and then we will up the ante and choose a compatriot to receive a never¬before¬-offered gift – starting with VIP treatment at SilencerCo’s own Precision Rifle Series™ Quiet Riot Match this June. You’ll fly, stay, shoot, receive instruction from a SilencerCo product expert, and be given your own personalized rifle and silencer ¬all for free. Because leading a movement is no small feat, and we believe it should come with perks.

You can go here to learn more about SilencerCo’s campaign and how to sign up. And if you are interested in suppressor rights, also take the time to check out the American Suppressor Association, who has partnered with the manufacturer in this campaign.

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