SHTF Plan: Would You Take a Starving Kid into Your Survival Shelter?

SHTF Plan: Would You Take a Starving Kid into Your Survival Shelter?

SHTF-plan-survival-shelterThe best laid SHTF plans don't start and end with survival shelters and gear. They're often grounded in a particular moral or philosophical worldview.

There's plenty of evidence for this in Living Ready‘s poll about the role of faith in preparedness. Readers told Living Ready that regardless of their faith or lack thereof, some sort of worldview informs each decision they make.

When it comes to actually applying those views in a survival situation, the waters get a little murky. Living Ready asked readers on its Facebook page what they would do in this scenario:

The SHTF a month ago, but you're plenty prepared to ride things out for a long time. You look out the window of your fortified shelter and see a toddler clearly starving to death. There are no other people around except the toddler. What do you do?

Readers Respond with Their SHTF Survival Shelter Plans

Here are the most interesting responses from the Facebook page:

“I will let God guide me. Until we know exactly what we are up against there is no way to figure out in advance how I will react to anything. But……I may find myself with a whole bunch of new grandkids.” – Laurie Blanchette

“I wouldn't trust that there would be no other people around. We'd have people out watching and doing a check of the close and far perimeter (maybe someone has sent him in and they're half a mile away with a scope, watching) before we engage the child and bring him/her in.” – Carrie Bartkowiak

“By that time many that weren't prepared will be extremely desperate and they will try to take advantage of our emotions. Luckily my group has good situational awareness and contingencies for said event. That kid would be coming inside with us regardless if it were a trap or not.” – Justin King

“Living through a SHTF knowing you made the decision to allow that child to die would not be a world worth living in. We follow what Jesus would do.” – Susan Anderson

“Discreetly secure a perimeter and use counter surveillance/counter sniper techniques while observing and assessing the toddler. Ultimately we would ensure the child's safety, but only after very careful consideration. There are a number of ways that this could play out.” – Jeff Tremblay

“I would think it was a trap. Toddlers don't just appear out of nowhere. Desperate people would use anything to lure you out of your safety zone. However, since I have plenty of back-up, I would probably take the kid in after a waiting period and a perimeter search. I guess you don't know for sure until it actually happens.” – Julie Campbell

“I would care for and feed a child in a heartbeat. HOWEVER, that toddler didn't get to our place on its own. It wouldn't have survived. So there would have to be some checking done of just who and where those adults were.” – Kathi McBride Martin

“One: Stop looking out the window! Two: How fortified is your shelter if it has a window you can look out!?” – Michael Tardie

“I would save the child, even if it is a biological outbreak. I would not rush out right away, though. I would circle around the perimeter, then wait, depending on what I feel at the moment, either circle back to the entrance I came out of, or do a wider perimeter search with a vantage point towards my shelter and the child.” – Jazer Andrew Sotomayor

What's Your Survival Shelter SHTF Plan?

If your SHTF plan depends on riding things out in a survival shelter, what would you do in this scenario?

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