Redding Reloading Offering Passel of New Tools

Redding Reloading Offering Passel of New Tools


For many, the epicenter of precision ammunition is right around New York’s Finger Lakes. The pastoral setting of dairy farms and woodlands plays home to Redding Reloading, which for around 75 years has become one of the most trusted names in reloading.

The company has become renown for manufacturing instruments that have helped shooters downright murder the bull’s eye. And Redding isn’t sitting on its laurels in its pursuit to help produce precision ammo. The firm has introduced a passel of new tools in 2016 that should, by all rights, have the X ring shaking in its boots.

2016_Master_HunterFour New Master Hunter Series Die Set
An outgrowth of Redding’s National Match Series, the Master Hunter Series brings competitive shooting precision to the game field. And the relatively new line of dies has continued to grow with the company offering sets for four new rounds this year — 6.5mm/.284 Winchester, .280 Ackley Improved, 30 Nosler and .338 Winchester Magnum. The new additions to the two-die sets (full-length sizing die and seating die) open up a number of options for hunters pursuing medium to large game. And they offer unparalleled control over the reloading process. To that end, the seating die goes a long way in assuring a precisely loaded round as it is topped with a micrometer allowing for bullet seating in .001” increments. The MSRP on Master Hunter Die Sets is $211.25.


2016-30NosMultiple Die Sets for 30 Nosler
The Master Hunter Series Dies isn’t the only Redding line to add the new Nolster proprietary round to its rosters. The company has introduced 30 new die sets for the freshly released 30 Nosler, encompassing all levels of reloading needs. These sets include: Standard Full-Length, Standard Neck-Sizing, Deluxe, Type-S, Type-S Match and Competition, in addition to Master Hunter. A sidenote: With the addition of the 30 Nosler to its catalog, Redding now offers dies for all of Nosler’s proprietary cartridges. The MSRP on the die sets run from $104.50 to $378.95.


2016_PremiumPremium Die Set in 26 Nosler and .280 Ackley Improved
Redding’s Premium Die Sets comes with all the bells and whistles that help ensure the production of uniform and precise ammo. Among the features is a carbide size button in the full-length sizing die and a micrometer on the seating die. The micrometer allows for bullet seating in .001” increments. Only a select few cartridges make the cut for the company’s Premium line, but it’s grown a tad bigger this year with the addition of the 26 Nosler and .280 Ackley Improved. The Premium series is available in two (full-length sizing die and seating die) and three (full-length sizing die, neck-sizing die and seating die) sets. The MSRP for the two-die set is $147.60, and on the three-die set it is $190.70.


6mm_Creedmoor6mm Creedmoor Die Set
The 6mm Creedmoor has been gaining more and more industry acceptance; factory brass and rifles are now available for the round. Redding is the latest to help tame this wildcat, introducing complete die sets for the long-range wonder. The company is offering both its Standard two die (full-length sizing die and seating die) and Deluxe three die sets (full-length sizing die, neck-sizing die and seating die) for the round. While the company has moved to standardize the 6mm Creedmoor in its offerings, Redding is still in the custom-die business. The manufacturer will produce dies for virtually any caliber, if provided a chamber reamer drawing or 5 fired cases from the firearm in question. The Standard Die Set for the 6mm Creedmoor has an MSRP of $153.70 and the Deluxe $242.85.


turret-stackerT-7 Turret Head Stacker
Calibrating dies can be one of the most time-consuming, not to mention nerve-racking facets to reloading. Redding, for all intents and purposes, has all but dashed this exercise in patience with its new T-7 Turret Head Stacker. The system allows handloaders to store turret heads (up to three) from the company’s T-7 press, with fully adjusted die in place. In turn, set up for a reloading session is as easy as securing a new head onto the press. As an added benefit for such a tool-heavy pursuit as reloading, the stacker also aids in taming potential clutter on the reloading bench. The storage system’s present MSRP is $63.00.


range_adapter_final 6.5 Creedmoor Instant Indicator Comparator Tool
The 6.5 Creedmoor has proven its chops as an accurate and potent long-range round. And fans of the cartridge can expect to turn out even more uniform and exact ammo with Redding now offering its Instant Indicator Comparator Tool for the round. The handy instrument provides fast and precise data on shoulder position, headspace and bullet seating depth. Accurate to one one-thousandth of an inch, the comparator helps reloaders sort their cases and bullets for uniformity, as well as gives them the information they need to dial in their seating die exactly. Perhaps best of all, Redding has untethered handloaders from their press to get this data, now including its Range Adaptor with the comparator. The complete Instant Indicator Comparator Tool presently has an MSRP of $202.75. The Range Adapter can be purchased separately for $14.50.


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