Photos: Tips for Bug-Out Locations

Photos: Tips for Bug-Out Locations

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A bug-out location, also known as a BOL, is the go-to place during an emergency. Whether it's short- or long-term notice, “bugging out” involves getting the heck out of Dodge until it's safe to return. That's why a BOL is important to identify ahead of time.

For many, a cabin or property in a rural area is a popular choice. It's not always an option, since such a bug-out location requires private investment or knowing someone with property.

If you're able to set up your own bug-out location at a cabin, the photos above contain tips to help increase efficiency and sufficiency. The snow had just finished melting a few days prior, so pardon the mess. But the points are clear. This bug-out location can run itself until it's clear to head back home.

One quick note: Electricity is still being provided via a local utility. That could change in the future. But for now, the cabin can sustain itself with its own heat and water. Preparedness is a marathon, not a sprint.

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