Photos: How to Make a Survival Bracelet

Photos: How to Make a Survival Bracelet

How to Make a Survival Bracelet

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This photo series explains how to make a survival bracelet. This handy, portable survival essential worn around the wrist provides cordage at an instant's notice. Cordage, as prepared individuals know, is one of the most versatile items one can carry. Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this article with your uses or click here to see how to make paracord netting.

Instructions on How to Make a Survival Bracelet

The photos and instructions are from Anthony Valentine via For quick reference, the steps prior to tying the cordage are condensed here.

How to Make a Survival Bracelet: Items Needed

* 10 feet of 550 paracord
* A Lighter
* A side-release buckle (check craft stores for one of these)
* A pair of scissors
* A ruler/tape measure
* A string long enough to wrap around your wrist

How to Make a Survival Bracelet: Measuring the Wrist

1. Wrap the one end of the string around your wrist. Make sure the loop created is comfortable.
2. Mark the length of the loop and measure it on the ruler/tape measure. Add one inch. Write down this measurement.

How to Make a Survival Bracelet: Melt the Ends of the Paracord

Using the lighter, melt each end of the 550 paracord. Using a pliers or other tool, pinch the melted ends so they cool into a tapered point.

Now you're set to start following the directions in the photo gallery.

Your Turn: How Do You Use Cordage?

One of the many uses for this kind of survival bracelet is paracord netting. How do you use cordage? Post a comment below or check out this survival section of for ideas.

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