Photos: 5 Best Survival Handguns


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This round up of five of the best survival handguns comes courtesy of readers like you. In the What's in Your Bug Out Bag? book, readers explained their choices for best survival handguns. These five came up often, so they're highlighted here.

Best Survival Handgun: Browning URX .22 Pistol

This .22 pistol is a pleasure to shoot. An ergonomic design means even new shooters can quickly plant .22 rounds on target. The lightweight URX makes for the perfect all-around sidearm.

Best Survival Handgun: Glock 19 Gen 4

What's there to say about Glock pistols that hasn't been said before? They have their fans and detractors, but the 19 offers a 15-round capacity that won't let you down in a pinch.

Best Survival Handgun: Taurus Judge

Love it or hate it, the Taurus Judge is synonymous with survival. Load it with .45 or .410 rounds. That versatility matters when the weight of a tactical CQB long gun just isn't feasible.

Best Survival Handgun: Ruger Mark II

This is another .22 pistol that built its name on reliability. Since being introduced in the '80s, the original runs of Ruger Mark II pistols are still in service. That says a lot.

Best Survival Handgun: Walther PK 380

The Walther PK 380 holds nine rounds of .380 ACP in a compact package. It's a great option for self-defense and concealed carry purposes.

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