Ouch! 10 Shoulder-Crushing Guns (VIDEO)

Ouch! 10 Shoulder-Crushing Guns (VIDEO)

10. And finally … Here's a really good demo on the proper way to control heavy recoil. Note how a slight change in posture allows the shooter to control the recoil generated by the .458 Winchester Magnum. Piece of cake!

Editor's Note: We've all got a few good stories about the time we shot a really hard-kicking gun. What's yours? Log in below and leave a comment.

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  1. On the first video on the .577 T-Rex, most if not all had shot extensively before. I recognize some of them and the location. BTW, not to be a fussbudget, but did Gun Digest have to get permission to republish these videos for its own purposes? There are some laws on that, I believe, even if they are on the internet. Just asking.


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