M-Pro 7 Lubricant: Military Standard Gun Oil Available to Civilians


Just Another Gun Oil, or True Super Lubricant?
M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX

M-Pro7 has introduced its newest cleaner-lubricant-protectant, M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX. More than just a gun oil, M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX provides the benefits of current lubricants while mitigating typical drawbacks such as evaporation, separation, gumming and toxic odor.

To achieve this, M-Pro7 blended synthetic oils, liquid molybdenum and polymers. The new LPX additive contains a component with the lowest known friction coefficient, which means it’s as slick as is physically possible.

M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX also contains a non-solvent based cleaning agent. This new technology repels dust and dirt and can be used as a “cleaner” to remove surface carbon in the field.

M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX is the only commercial product to pass the initial testing for the recently updated military weapons specification, including the 900-hour humidity cabinet corrosion and 100-hour salt spray corrosion testing.

Civilian consumers buying M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX get the same formula sold to the military. M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX provides outstanding protection against wear, humidity, moisture, (including salt water) and leaves a long-lasting film that repels dust and dirt. This film will not evaporate, making it excellent for long-term storage.

For more information: www.mpro7.com


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