HIPERFIRE Introduces Economically Priced Trigger

HIPERFIRE Introduces Economically Priced Trigger

A snappy AR-15 trigger is one of the quickest ways to increase an AR's accuracy, but can cost some coin. HIPERFIRE has put the upgrade in its crosshair, with the introduction of a economically priced option.

One of the fastest ways to improve an AR-style rifle’s accuracy is to outfit it with a good trigger. A snappy trigger, whether in a tactical, competitive or hunting situation can make all the difference in the world in putting rounds on target.

There is one barrier in outfitting an AR with a slick new fire control, the aftermarket upgrade typically carries a somewhat hefty price tag. But a Minnesota manufacturer has put high-performance triggers' costs in its crosshairs.

HIPERFIRE recently released the HIPERTOUCH Enhanced Duty Trigger, offering AR shooters a single-stage trigger with a 4.5- to 5.5-pound pull weight. But what really catches the eye on the system is the EDT’s MSRP. Priced at $89, the aftermarket trigger appears to be a value and doesn't seem to skimp on design features.


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