First Look: Redding Reloading Piloted Chamfer Tool

First Look: Redding Reloading Piloted Chamfer Tool

In 2016, Redding Reloading is bringing a new level of precision to the field of reloading. The company has introduced what it states is the first of its kind: a Piloted Case Chamfer and Deburring Tool.

Redding Chamfer ToolThe tool's central pilot shaft, which features a small pin to center within the primer pocket's flash hole, allows for true alignment of the cutter within the center of the case mouth opening, essentially guaranteeing a concentric chamfer for precise bullet entry for seating and pull on firing. The end result is fewer variations and increased uniformity, which translates to improved accuracy and improved pressure consistency during the seating process.

Included are the chamfering tool, a pilot shaft that works with both large and small flash holes and an Allen wrench for pilot shaft depth adjustment. This tools works with nearly all cases from .22- to .475-caliber.

The Gun Digest staff caught up with Robin Sharpless of Redding Reloading during the 2016 SHOT Show to get an exclusive first look at this great new reloading tool. Watch the video above to learn more about the innovative new Piloted Case Chamfer and Deburring Tool from Redding Reloading.


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