Does Faith Play a Role in Your Preparedness?

Does Faith Play a Role in Your Preparedness?

Faith-and-PreparednessIn times of crisis, many people turn to a particular faith or worldview to keep them grounded until better days. This is a hallmark of healthy living, and an important component of preparedness.

We asked readers about this topic. Here are some of the most interesting responses.

Does Faith Play a Role in Your Preparedness?

Define “faith” please. If you're referring to some warm and fuzzy higher being, then no. Faith in doing what's right and necessary to know what to do to provide for and protect my family, then yes. I am Christian, but I do not feel that my spirituality has any bearing on my preps. ~ John Metcalfe

Only the faith that I will persevere and overcome. ~ Chad Steines

I believe God gave us a country and the tools to keep it. Should it be lost whose fault is that? I think civilians should give Militias precedent over individual preparations but part of that is efforts to sustain one's self if necessary. ~ Steve White

no, at least not a religious faith. but faith in myself and my kids that if we prepare to the best of our ability that we will. i am not gonna believe that any higher power is gonna play eny meny miney moe to pick and choose who lives and who dies. no loving gentle hand is going to reach thru the clouds and pick us up out of harms way. everyone should be relying on themselves and what they have done to plan. ~ Echo Moon

WHY should faith play any roll in this FAITH does not put food in the belly KNOWLEDGE does so go ahead sit back and PREY which is why I spelt it the way I did because that is exactly what YOU ARE AND WILL REMAIN TO BE do not knock on my door come to my hut stroll into my camp YOU LOSE GAME OVER I live you well the WOLVES and the CROWS will be HAPPY FOR A FREE MEAL ~ Rich Bailey

It is the cause of our prepping. It is because of our faith in God's Word that we know we have reason to prepare. We've been forewarned, it would be foolish to ignore those warnings. ~ Off Grid Geeks

Yes, but my faith is mine. I never force it on anyone. I never use it as a measuring stick or as a prequalifier. I never use it to seperate or divide individuals. It is my personal owners manual. It is not a universal guide to health and wealth care. ~ William Major


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