Video: Build a Survival Kit in a Metal Mint Box

Video: Build a Survival Kit in a Metal Mint Box



Metal mint boxes are a great way to keep a survival kit handy. They close securely, resist the elements and are the perfect pocket size.

In this video from Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT), Doug Ritter explains how to build a survival kit inside one. He incorporates one of his designs, the CRKT Ritter Survival Knife.

Here's a rundown of the kit in the video:

* Small metal box (similar to ones sold with mints inside)

* CRKT Ritter Survival Knife (click here to see a video review of the knife from Ritter)

Knife Specs:

Weighs less than 1 ounce
1.75″ wide-chord drop-point blade
High-carbon steel
Stonewashed finish for corrosion resistance
Ergonomic handle
Nylon cord adds length, grip
Includes custom-fitted Zytel sheath
Comes with the metal box shown in the video

* Aluminum foil

* Waterproof note paper

* Pencil

* Signaling mirror

* Duct tape

* Whistle

* Firestarting tool

* Tinder

* Needle

* Fishing hooks

* Fishing sinkers

* Heavy duty nylon thread

* Safety pins

* 170-pound test line

* Wire

* Compass

* Flashlight

That's quite a bit for just one small, metal box. Best of all, this survival kit is highly portable and affordable. Leave one in the car, at the office, in an ATV, in the pouch of a hunting stand or anywhere survival is a must.

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Where to Get the CRKT Ritter Survival Knife

Columbia River Knife & Tool Ritter Survival has the CRKT Ritter Survival Knife at 28% off retail. That's just $21.59 for a small yet effective survival tool.

Click here to order the CRKT Ritter Survival Knife. The page includes a video of Ritter explaining more on how to use it.

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  1. I used to carry a kit very similar to that one, but packed into an Altoids tin. One other important item I kept in my kit was a couple individually wrapped water purification tablets though!


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