Your Bug Out Location is “Taken,” What Now?

Your Bug Out Location is “Taken,” What Now?
What would you do if you arrived at your bug out location only to find someone beat you there?

What would you do if you arrived at your bug out location only to find someone beat you there?
What would you do if you arrived at your bug out location only to find someone beat you there?

Not everyone has a bug out location (aka BOL) waiting for them should disaster strike their primary residence. Those who do often choose remote areas far from population centers. The idea is to stay secluded until conditions improve.

But what if the bug out location is already “taken” upon arrival? Here's the scenario:

“A natural disaster (let's say a big storm) is due to hit your town. Before it hits, you and your family follow your emergency plan and bug out to a fully stocked cabin many miles from danger. But when you get there you find a group of strangers have broken in and are bunked up inside. What do you do?

Your Bug Out Location is “Taken,” What Now?

“Similar thing happened to me with a friend's family. I went with them to their summer cottage in the NC mountains one long Fall weekend to find someone already there. The father did not call the cops just busted in on the family there got into a physical altercation and he ended up in jail as well as the adults in the other group. Turns out a neighbor knew where their keys where hidden and had been renting out the house for years while the family that owned it lived in Florida without them knowing. Not all people in the situation may be there with ill intentions.” – Linda Chambers

“If they are there, everything you stockpiled is either consumed or trashed. Plus, you have your family with you, so getting in a shoot-out with kids around is a bad idea. Since your scenario doesn't say TEOTWAWKI, back off, get your family safe, and call the cops.” – Mike Phillips

“Sweep and clear, Castle [Doctrine].” – Jesse VanderBie

“If the infrastructure is still in place call 911! If not, arm yourself, call out to them from out side and assess the situation as it unfolds.” – Blake Samuele Southard

“Call the police, detain the people, video the whole thing for proof.” – Carrie Bartkowiak

“Our own BOL is a family farm, so we have different contingencies than this one, however, all responses must be first gauged by the threat level they actually present. In this case the adversary you are facing has already broken in and occupied your property, showing a deliberate disregard for your property, the law, as well as your own safety in the circumstances you all face in this scenario. If you have women/children/elders/pets, etc. in your group, they, and not your BOL, are your first responsibility and priority. Avoid an under timed outcome from a conflict, and regroup.” JCharles Tower

“Forcefully remove them. Once removed and disarmed, discuss whether they stay or not.” – Jeff Hughes

“Explain your right to possession. If they do not comply…call the authorities. I'll give them 60 minutes to arrive. At minute 61, were going in armed…and shots will be fired.” – William Major

“If there any children in your group remove them to a safe spot with a guard for protection. if this is “your” property and all of your supplies are in there then you are going to have to fight for it. if the strangers can be removed then do so. if it's a family, maybe a compromise can be worked out. if still available, call 911. warn them that the cops have been called. if they are using a possible wood stove inside you can easily smoke them out. if it is a “be all, do all, end of all” situation you are going to have to come to terms with taking lives. better them than the lives of your family.” – Echo Moon


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