BoomFab Introduces Lightweight Titanium Bolt Carrier

BoomFab Introduces Lightweight Titanium Bolt Carrier
BoomFab aims to give competitive shooters the edge with its Titane titanium bolt carrier.
BoomFab aims to give competitive shooters the edge with its Titane titanium bolt carrier.
BoomFab aims to give competitive shooters the edge with its Titane titanium bolt carrier.

Like most competitors, 3-gun shooters are always on the lookout for an edge.

Of course, gaining an upper hand when behind the trigger is typically earned through hard work and practice. But, there are component upgrades which many have turned to gain an advantage in their quest to become top gun.

Low-mass reduced-gas operating systems in AR-style rifles have become a popular option among those aiming to shave seconds off their time. And BoomFab has its sights set on exactly these shooters with its Titane Carrier.

The Missouri manufacturer recently introduced its CNC machined titanium carrier, billing it as the lightest production model on the market. It's a claim that is hard to argue against with the Titane tipping the scales at 2.6 ounces stripped and 4.4 ounces with a pre-installed gas key.

The carrier's slight proportions makes it ideal for a low-mass system, which is based off a relatively simple concept. The idea behind using ultralight components in the reciprocating mechanisms of a semi-automatic firearm is to use less gas to cycle the gun. Reducing the amount of gas in the system, in turn, equates to less muzzle rise and felt recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots. Low mass systems also tend to chip away at a gun's overall weight, making it more maneuverable.

Early on, shooters after a low-mass system sometimes went to drastic ends – such as drilling their carriers to reduce their weight. There were also attempts to manufacture carriers out of aluminum, but the metal did not prove resilient enough over the long haul. Titanium, on the other hand, has the benefit of being ultralight and supremely durable, making it ideal as a carrier material.

This is not the first time gunmakers have seen the benefits of the low-mass, tough metal. Taurus has used titanium for the frames of a number of its revolvers for a spell. Amalgamated Titanium not only produces bolt carriers out of the material, but also lowers, uppers and forends. And titanium nitrite has become a popular coating for carriers, due to its hardness.

BoomFab’s carrier is fully compatible with standard mil-spec AR-15 bolts, firing pins and retaining pins. It comes pre-installed with a mil-spec gas key and staked torx fasteners. The Titane Carrier also can be purchased as a complete bolt carrier group. This includes, mill-spec HP/MP tested C158 bolt, firing pin, cam pin and retaining pin.

Putting the most recent material technology in a rifle does come with a price tag. The Ttiane Carrier with gas key has a MSRP of $479; a complete carrier group has a MSRP of $579.


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