6 Targets that Make Shooting a Blast

6 Targets that Make Shooting a Blast
Lyman TargDots Duelist Competition Target.

Hunt Geek Shooting Game Targets.
Hunt Geek Shooting Game Targets.

Paper targets with the standard bull’s-eye are ideal for sighting-in a rifle or handgun, testing a shotgun’s pattern and shooting groups, but you can add a whole new dimension to family shooting day out at the farm with some of the following cool targets.

Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong

Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong

Caldwell’s Magnum Rifle Gong is a durable gong-style target that delivers a resounding “thwack” with each impact. The gong is capable of handling repeat shots from virtually every calibers rifle or handgun. The 3/8-inch-thick gong is 10 inches in diameter and comes with an easy-to-setup freestanding frame and chains. The center of the target hangs 18 inches above the ground. ($170; Caldwell)

Champion DuraSeal Wobble Target

Champion DuraSeal Wobble Target.

This target wobbles and bobs with each hit and then with its weighted round bottom immediately rights itself for quick follow-up shots. The small high-visibility Radiation Green target is made of Champion’s DuraSeal, a non-metal, self-healing material that keeps its shape even after thousands of rounds. Shoot it with calibers ranging between.17-caliber all the way up to .50-caliber. It will be fine. ($25; Champion)

Do-All Outdoors Spin Cycle Targets

Do-All Outdoors Spin Cycle Targets.

Do-All Outdoors’ Spin Cycle Target is a cool windmill style target that allows for same time shooting by two shooters. The Spin Cycle is made of steel and stands upright on three-stable legs. Reactive, large visibility targets spin and automatically reset. Models are available for .22-caliber rifles, .38- to .44-caliber handguns and 9mm to .30-06 caliber pistols and rifles. ($100-$180; Do-All Outdoors)


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