6 Targets that Make Shooting a Blast


Hunt Geek Shooting Game Targets

Hunt Geek Shooting Game Targets.

Hunt Geek’s Shooting Game Targets allow shooters to compete (on paper at least) at billiards, darts or cards. Targets are sold in packs of 12 or buy a combo pack that includes all three target games. ($20; Hunt Geek)

Impact-22 Rolling Steel Targets

Impact-22 Rolling Steel Targets.

The Impact-22 looks like a funky little robot out of a sci-fi movie, but is really a fun little target that flips or walks to a new position every time it is hit. The target boasts a unique design that employs three-fin heads to allow it to be shot from any angle and from any distance. The only bummer about this target is that it is only suitable for use with .22 LR. They do sell an Impact-45, however, designed for handgunners firing anything from 9mm to .44 caliber. ($30; Impact Steel Targets)

Lyman TargDots Duelist Competition Target

Lyman TargDots Duelist Competition Target.

Not sure whether you or your buddy is a better shooter. Go head-to-head with another shooter on this resettable target that only allows the first one struck to fall. The stand is made of heavy-gauge steel for years of use and the target comes with a variety of stickers to aid target acquisition and aim. ($33; Lyman)

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