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Colt SAA feature

Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Top Reasons To Still Own A Colt SAA

We take a look at the Colt SAA, or Single Action Army, and discuss the top 5 reasons to still own one today.
retro guns feature

The Old & The Bold: Retro Guns And Their Accessories

We discuss how to adapt the classic guns of yesterday for today’s retro firearms fashion.
history of the 1911 feature

A History of The 1911

We take a deeper look at the history of the 1911, tracking its journey from the mind of John Browning to its place today as the most iconic American handgun ever made.
Taylors Company TC73 feature

Taylor’s & Company Announces TC73 9mm Lever-Action Rifle

Want a lever-action rifle chambered for something a bit more modern? Here we take a peek at Taylor’s & Company’s TC73.
MP5 clone feature

Get Your Slap On: The 5 Best MP5 Clones 

Everyone wants an MP5, but nobody wants to pay HK prices. Here, we go over the top 5 MP5 clones that won’t break the bank.
ICORE SW M28 feature

On The Range With An ICORE S&W M-28

We go over a custom Smith & Wesson Model 28 revolver built for ICORE. She ain’t pretty, but she can still shoot.
Walther 32 ACP PPK feature

The .32 ACP Walther PPK And PPK/s Are Back

Walther has just reintroduced the famous PPK and PPK/s in .32 ACP.
Winchester 1873 feature RIAC stuart

Winchester 1873: The Gun That Won The West 

We dive into the history of the iconic Winchester 1873 to understand the role this classic lever-action rifle played in winning the West.
2-5-inch colt python feature

First Look: Colt Python 2.5-Inch Snubbie

Colt has just added a 2.5-inch Python model to its catalog, the shortest model now available in the lineup.
enfield jungle carbine feature

Collecting The Rare Enfield Jungle Carbine

There are many like it, but finding an original Enfield Jungle Carbine takes some investigative work.
Accuracy? You want accuracy? Hornady and American Gunner deliver here .

Best Revolvers Of All Time

What were the best revolvers of all time? Here, the author covers 10 wheelguns that truly deserve to be called classics.
walther P38 feature

Walther P38: Father Of The Modern Service Pistol 

If you’re a fan of double-action/single-action 9mm service pistols, you owe a lot to the Walther P38.
Franchi SPAS-12 feature

The Franchi SPAS-12: Pick Your Poison 

A deep dive into the Italian Franchi SPAS-12, a classic combat shotgun that left a big impression.
classic defensive pistols feature

Three Classic Defensive Pistols That Still Do Their Job

A look at three semi-old school, middle-aged pistols that still work great for self-defense.
cz 75 feature

The Czech CZ 75: Past, Present And Future

The author takes a closer look at the past, present and future of the CZ 75, the timeless Czech wonder nine.