Market Trends: Ruger Single Actions — Don’t Forget the Original Boxes!

Market Trends: Ruger Single Actions — Don’t Forget the Original Boxes!
Photo Michael E. Cumpston.
Old model Super Blackhawk, a desirable Ruger single action.
Photo Michael E. Cumpston.

Scott WeberGunrunner Online Auctions

Older Ruger single-action revolvers are selling very well, said Scott Weber, owner of Gunrunner Online Auctions, the past winter. The handguns' popularity has been driven largely because they are affordable and came in so many interesting variations.

A collectible-grade Ruger Blackhawk can be had in the $450 range, as long as it is not converted (many were sent back to the factory to have a hammer block safety installed, a conversion frowned upon by collectors).

But if you have the same Ruger single action with the original box and paperwork? The auction price can jump another $300.

Weber’s also seeing growing interest in pre-1964 examples of the Winchester Model 88, a lever action introduced in 1955.

“The pre-’64 version was first seen on its introduction as an ‘ugly’ utility gun, but now we recognize its classic lines that are like no other,” says Weber. “They’re fun, affordable to collect, and were made in a variety of calibers, from .243 to the mighty—and mighty scarce—.358 Win.”

Gunrunner recently sold a Model 88 chambered in .358 Win for an impressive $3,500. More common calibers go from $450 to $600. A Model 88 with the original box? Tack on another $200.

Editor's note, this brief originally appeared in the December 30, 2013 edition of Gun Digest the Magazine


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