Market Trends: Parts for Vintage K, L Frame Revolvers Rocking in Arkansas

Market Trends: Parts for Vintage K, L Frame Revolvers Rocking in Arkansas
Photo: <a href="" target="_blank"> Tim Dobbelaere</a>
Photo:   Tim Dobbelaere
Photo: Tim Dobbelaere

Evan BolducThe Gun Garage, Siloam Springs, Ark.

The Gun Garage specializes in parts for vintage firearms, and of this past summer the big sellers are target hammers and target triggers for older Smith and Wesson K- and L-frame revolvers.

“They’ve been flying out the door pretty fast,” co-owner Evan Bolduc said.

The especially has gone for one a batch of parts. Triggers acquired from a gun shop close-out that Bolduc sells for $49.99 apiece and moved like hotcakes.

In fact, Bolduc said, any parts for older S&W revolvers are hot, including the screws for target grips. The Gun Garage got 350 of these target grip screw sets last year, and sold every one of them within six months.

That has the Gun Garage working with a manufacturer to make reproductions of these screw sets, which Bolduc will soon have in stock.

For long guns, Bolduc notes a big demand for any of the smaller parts for 19th and early 20th Century lever guns. Ejectors and extractors are in demand, as are side plates.

“Side plates for the Winchester 73, reproductions, go for $100 a set,” Bolduc said. “Every collector out there wants the originals, and they move for $200 to $300 a set, depending on condition. As soon as we get in these original side plates? They are gone.”


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