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On the Internet since 1997, is owned and operated by Rob Robles, and strictly deals in firearms made prior to 1898. auctions run almost continually because Robles’ turnaround time from receiving a gun to offering it for sale is usually one week, two weeks at the very most.

“If there’s one gun I’d say I am always on the lookout for, and never have any problem finding buyers for, it’s the Colt Single Action revolver, especially the larger bores, the .44 and .45 caliber models,” Robles said.

He credits much of the enduring interest in the Colt SA to Hollywood movies and television shows portraying the Colt SA as being carried by nearly everyone in the Old West.

“That’s not exactly true,” he added. “There were actually many models used in the Old West, many different manufacturers. But the Colt SA was popular, and it’s a durable handgun with a simple, dependable action. Buyers today still love it.”

Interest in Civil War-era firearms is mixed—strong among his American customers, soft with his European buyers.

“A lot of people don’t realize it, but European collectors are a huge part of the market for Civil War-era firearms,” Robles noted. “But Europe’s been in a recession and it has definitely hurt sales here. Over the last six months, I’d say my shipments of firearms sold to Europe have dropped by 80 percent.”

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