Market Trends: Smith & Wesson Shield Gaining Steam in Northwest


Robin BallSharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop, Spokane, Wash.

Smith & Wesson shield
Smith & Wesson Shield.

The Glock 19 had always been undisputed number one seller at Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop. But this winter the Smith & Wesson Shield is in a virtual sales tie, owner Robin Ball said.

Available in 9mm or .40S&W, the Smith & Wesson Shield sells for $449 here.

Ruger handgun sales are strong, too, especially for the 22/45 Lite Target Pistol in .22 LR.

With a large percentage of the operation’s customers practicing concealed carry, the Galco line of gun holsters and accessories does very well here, too.

Ball also notes a steady and growing demand for Mossberg and Remington tactical shotgun models, mostly going to self-defense buyers.

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