Colt Brings Back Limited Run of Model 1903 Hammerless

Colt and U.S. Armaments Corp. are releasing a limited run of the classic Model 1903 Hammerless.
Colt and U.S. Armaments Corp. are releasing a limited run of the classic Model 1903 Hammerless.

When you’re a firearms enthusiasts it doesn’t matter what direction your fancy wonders off, sooner or later you'll run into John M. Browning.

Many of the rifles, shotguns and pistols the prolific gun designer came up with a century ago are still with us today. Heck, just think of the profusion of the iconic 1911 pistol or venerable over-under shotgun today just to get a grasp of his impact.

Some of Browning’s other designs, however, have fallen to the wayside for one reason or another over the years. One, however, is making a comeback, albeit on a limited scale.

Colt is has teamed up with U.S. Armament Corp. to produce a limited run of the Model 1903 Hammerless pistol. It was a project that came out of the woodwork at the 2015 SHOT Show and looks to be coming to fruition soon (test pistols are being sent out to the media as this is being written).

This is the second such project the companies have partnered up to tackle. Colt and U.S. Armament’s made a Gatling gun a few years back.

For obvious reasons, the 1903 should have much wider appeal that that venture, especially for fans of authenticity. The new pocket pistols are designed to be spitting images of the originals.

The bad news is there won’t be many of the .32 ACPs available with a run of around 3,500 initially planned. Of that run, 500 of the pistols will be commemorations of the General Officers issue pistol.

These pistols will have the same markings, finish and grips as the original. And they will also have a special run of serial numbers coinciding with originals pistols that were issued to Generals such as Eisenhower and Patton.

The new Colt Model 1903 is dang near a spitting image of the original.
The new Colt Model 1903 is dang near a spitting image of the original.

Adding a little bang for the buck, the guns will come with a historical fact sheet discussing the General of which the particular serial number was issued.

The 1903s will be Type 2, which means they come without a magazine disconnect and have separate barrel bushing. The majority will be Parkerized, but there will that will come with a blued or nickel finish.

The base model MSRP is said to be $1,395. Latter on, additional magazines and barrels will be available. There is also talk the companies might release a Model 1908 (a .380 version of the 1903) some time in the next couple of years, as well.

Model 1903 Specs
Caliber: .32 ACP
Finish: Parkerized, Blued, Nickel
Weight: 24 ounces
Length: 6.5 inches
Barrel Length: 3.75 inches
Magazine: 8 rounds
Sights: Fixed front, rear drift-adjustable for wind

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  1. Although I applaud the resurrection of this fine old pistol did you really think in this day and age of cheap junk that it would be made of a quality forging or even bar stock. Nope its made of junk castings. Save your money and look for an original.

  2. Seems if one holds on to old clothes and old guns long enough they will come back into fashion. I have my great grandfathers 1903 ( six digit sn) and it is a beauty in excellent shape. Always a joy to shoot an old family gun and classic. Actually had a dude try to full one out of his waist band on me but I was a bit faster and jerked it out my self. Actually defended my self with his 1903. Probably should have been scared but very young and just remember saying to my self ” dammed nice l903″ as I yanked it out of his pants.

  3. It looks like old guns may be like a closet full of old clothes. Hold on to them long enough and they will come back into fashion. I have my great grandfathers 1903 ( six digit sn) in very good condition. It is a pleasure to shoot and functions flawlessly. I actually had one pulled on me once. I remember thinking later I should have been more scared but I remember saying to my self when the dude went to pull it ” Dammed nice 1903″. He was a bit slow reaching for his waist band so it ended up in my hand first so I actually defended my self with one also.

  4. Hi,

    This is one of my favorite pistols! You can fire off the entire clip of .32’s without a shake or miss while you bounce a tin can down the road. The .380 version is also a good example of a heavy enough pocket pistol to contain the recoil while you empty the clip.
    Then, they are beautiful. However, for $1395 new, I think I would rather get an original


  5. Forgive me for saying this, but…

    Good Lord, who in their right mind is going to pay $1400 for a .32 mouse gun?
    Colt needs to start producing firearms that the average person can afford. Not everyone is Donald Trump.


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