Video: Overcoming Handgun Wobble Every Time


Zeroing in on the front sight and executing a clean trigger press keeps a handgun on target no matter its movement.

From Zen-like breathing drills to the perfect proportion of push and pull in a grip, much is made about mastering the the natural wobble when shooting a handgun. But in the scheme of things, is it ado about nothing?

Certainly, proper sight alignment is key to sending a round from a handgun to where it needs to go. And the natural oscillation from breathing, muscle tension and, in certain circumstances, adrenaline has to be overcome. But wouldn’t it be nice if this problem could be whipped without resorting some far-fetched timing up of respiration, bodily tremble and breaking a shot. Quite simply there is and it relies on two of the most down-to-earth, day-one fundamental aspects of handgun marksmanship — focusing on the front sight and clean trigger pull.

Sound hard to believe? It shouldn’t. But if you need proof, Gunsite instructor Mike Moore more than provides it in the above clip.

Moore has a student’s hands and handgun wobbling like it was happy hour, yet each shot lands center mass — actually in a group many steady shooters would like to consistently print. The secret is really no secret. Concentration on the front sight keeps you on target every time and a smooth trigger press, complete with follow-through ensures the proper alignment at the moment of truth.

Simple as it may sound, these are still handgun skills that require practice to master. But, this minutia is worth the effort. When faced with life-threatening circumstance, you better believe your gun is going to dance. The only way to make sure it doesn’t become a factor in surviving the incident is ensuring front-sight focus and a technically-sound trigger press are second nature.

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