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First Look: Taylor’s & Company 10mm 1911 FS Tactical

Taylor’s & Company recently announced the 10mm 1911 FS Tactical, marking the addition of 10mm to the company’s 1911 line.

Taylor’s & Company primarily focuses on importing historical firearms, and while this means that the company’s lineup is dominated by wheelguns and lever-actions, it includes a few 1911 pistols from Armscor too. The majority of these also feature historical aesthetics, but Taylor’s & Company has started branching out into more tactical models as well. This began with the release of a full-size model in 9mm, but the company has just made one more coveted chambering option available through the announcement of the 10mm 1911 FS Tactical.


The “FS” in the 10mm 1911 FS Tactical’s name stands for “full-size,” denoting its 5-inch barrel and full-size frame. This also implies that we may see other sizes of this pistol imported by Taylor’s & Company in the future. As for this 1911’s tactical attributes, they exist, but are somewhat lacking compared to its competition given the lack of an accessory rail or optics-ready slide. These features include an ambidextrous safety, an extended beavertail, a skeletonized trigger and a combat hammer. The adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight are also improvements over the G.I.-inspired models, and the grips are black G10 instead of wood. Magazine capacity is 8 rounds.

Tammy Loy, owner and CEO of Taylor’s & Company, said this about the new handgun:

We couldn’t be more excited to bring this state-of-the-art firearm to the modern gun enthusiast…We wanted to offer the 10mm version to broaden our audience in the 1911 market. The new 10mm 1911 FS Tactical is sure to be a very popular firearm with the 1911 crowd.

The 10mm 1911 FS Tactical is available now and has an attractive MSRP of $699.

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