Ruger Releases American Pistol Compact .45 with Manual Safety


Ruger American Pistol Compact manual safety - 1

Ruger is continuing to bet on the American Pistol, expanding the options for shooters with a new variation for 2017.

The American Pistol seemed to have an impossible task. Ruger’s polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol was released to a market plum lousy with that particular style of handgun. Perhaps beating the odds, the pistol has found its place in the ocean of black plastic.

The New Hampshire gunmaker is continuing to bet on the American Pistol, expanding the options with a new variation for 2017. The .45 ACP Compact model is now available with an ambidextrous manual safety.

Located at the rear of the frame and configured to be engaged and disengaged with a flick of the thumb, the safety offers ample real estate for manipulation. The size is a plus, allowing quick operation with gloves or when fine motor skills are degraded by adrenalin. It also adds a peace of mind to the popular concealed-carry sized pistol, adding a redundancy against a negligent discharge.

The only vital spec the manual safety modifies on the pistol is its width, and it scarcely does that. The option tacks on .11 inches of width to the original’s dimensions, giving it a final measure of 1.51-inches across.

From there, the 29-ounce .45 ACP American Pistol Compact is familiar to those who know the line. The pistol has a 3.75-inch barrel and ships with a 10- and 7-round magazine. The handgun features replaceable grip modules, allowing shooters to customize the gun’s fit to their hand. And it is outfitted with genuine Novak LoMount Carry three-dot sights and a mil-standard 1913 accessory rail.

This is the second .45 ACP in the American Pistol line to be released with a manual safety. Earlier on, the 4.2-inch barreled Duty model was offered with the option. Ruger is also releasing the Duty and Compact 9mm with the same feature.

The manual safety variation of .45 ACP American Pistol Compact MSRP is $579.

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