Personal Defense

While the author wouldn’t pick a single-action revolver first, if that’s all you’ve got, a pair of them would serve you well. A hunting big-bore also serves well, just don’t feed it the hunting ammo.

A Case For The Defensive Big-Bore Revolver

There was a time when only big-bore revolvers were carried for defense. Are times so different now?

A Perfect 10: Best 10mm Pistol Options (2022)

Since its introduction, the 10mm Auto has been putting magnum power into semi-auto pistols. In recent years, it's had a bit of a resurgence in popularity.

Top Affordable .38 Special Revolver Options To Protect Your Six

Go small and reliable with these excellent snub-nose .38 Special Revolver options.

Medium-Bore Match-Up: .38 Special vs 9mm

Offering many of the same advantages, the .38 Special and 9mm nevertheless shine for much different shooters.
Operator 1911 feature

First Look: Springfield Armory Operator 1911 Pistol

Springfield’s new Operator 1911 pistol is a duty-grade full-size .45 that features some subtle upgrades and modernizations that keep this old warhorse in the fight.
No, the .380 Auto isn’t the ideal cartridge for stopping fights. On the other hand, if you need an ultra-compact and easily concealable handgun, it might be the best option for you.

Self-Defense Tips: Carry Gun Selection

Picking the right carry gun is a tricky proposition, one made simpler if you perhaps put your gun choice last.
The Taurus Judge, a handgun capable of firing both .45 Colt ammo and .410-bore shotshells, has gained a huge following.

.410 Revolvers: Are They Really Good For Nothin’?

The .410 revolver sold extremely well upon their introduction, but do these weapons serve a purpose besides novelty?
A practical and effective home-defense plan involves a lot more than a gun.

Tips To Perfect Your Home Defense Strategy

Need the skinny how to best protect your castle? Three trained experts give their takes on how to perfect your home defense strategy.
Home Defense 10

Comprehensive Home Defense: Firearms And Beyond

Firearms are one key to home defense, but there's more to effectively protecting your castle than just a reliable heater.
Crime Scene

Stop A Crime In Progress … Think Again Armed Citizen

Best intentions might spur you into action, but the potential legal ramifications of trying to stop a crime in progress should give pause.
Carry Caliber 357 Sig Hornady

5 Unconventional Calibers For Concealed Carry

When the gun store ammo shelves go bare, these five unconventional concealed carry calibers still keep you shooting.
GG Springfield

New Guns And Gear October 2021

Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these 7 new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.
92X feature

Beretta USA Releases 92X RDO Pistol

Beretta’s new 92X RDO pistol brings the classic 90 Series Beretta into modernity with better ergonomics, a new trigger and an optics-ready slide.
M9A4 with optic

Beretta USA Announces Optics-Ready M9A4 Pistol

The newest iteration of the iconic M9 service pistol, the Beretta M9A4 now comes optics-ready and even more combat-oriented.
It’s all about pulling the trigger, because when it comes to shooting a defensive handgun, pulling a trigger correctly is the hardest thing to learn.

Is There A Secret To Top-Notch Trigger Control?

Trigger Control is the foundation upon which all other skills are built. Is there a way to ensure a precision press each and every time?

Knife Vs Gun: When Are You Justified To Shoot?

Knife vs Gun — when is the armed citizen on solid legal footing when using lethal force against an attacker with a blade weapon. On...


A complete directory of personal defense handguns, AR-15s, shooting drills, accessories and tactics to keep yourself and your family safe in an unsafe world. There is some crossover here with concealed carry (which has its own section here), but these articles are focused on survival, SHTF, prepping, home defense and more general personal safety afforded by personal defense guns. Also see: Gun ReviewsHandgunsRiflesShotgunsAR-15sConcealed Carry

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