5/13/09 Gun Rights: Support Waning for New Gun Laws

Amid a wave of publicity about drug-related gun violence along the Mexican border and police killings in U.S. cities, more Americans than ever oppose new government efforts to regulate guns.

Former Top Rated NRA Senator to Introduce Gun Ban This Week

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat and member of the so-called Blue Dog Coalition, plans to introduce an assault weapons ban this week. Gillibrand, the junior senator from New York, was at one time highly rated by the NRA for her advocacy of the Second Amendment.

NRA, Mayors Agree on Gun Change

The National Rifle Association and big-city mayors have rarely agreed on gun laws. But they've found something they may both support: the Obama administration's call for full law-enforcement access to data from traces of guns used in crimes.

Gun Protections on Agenda in Utah

New protections for gun owners are on the agenda in Utah, where state Rep. Carl Wimmer is preparing to introduce a bill that would assert the state's sovereignty under the Ninth and Tenth amendments.

Massachusetts: Anti-Gun Proposals in the Works

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) recently unveiled a package of proposed anti-crime laws that could hurt state gun owners.

Census GPS-tagging Your Home’s Front Door

Imagine, if you will, that there are a number of people in a neighborhood that could not find the addresses they are tasked with finding. They are not locals, maybe are unable to read a map, or perhaps do not have the time to pull out a map, and they need to find you with specific GPS coordinates. Their devices would lead them to your front door with these coordinates. Imagine a crisis is afoot, and martial law is put into place. U.S. troops need to round up particular folks.

Two Stories from College, Two Different Endings

There have been two markedly different tales of violence and bloodshed from two different college towns that ended two different ways, reflecting the vast differences in culture and the gaping chasm that exists between the political correctness of the gun-free zone mentality and the common sense of being prepared.

A Semiautomatic, Sir, and Pass the Ammo

The firearms industry appears to be riding out the recession in fine form, with sales across the country flourishing. And the enthusiasm for purchasing such weaponry has spread to communities south of Boston, according to area gun dealers.

Video: Obama Treaty Threatens Second Amedment

Lou Dobbs CNN - Video of President Obama supporting an international treaty creating sweeping gun control efforts. Bill Tucker reports.

Obama Linked to Gun Control Efforts

Despite Obama's claims that he respects the Second Amendment, new information shows his alarming links to gun control groups.

Representative Attempting to Alter Ohio Firearm Law

For the second time in two years, an area legislator is attempting to change the concealed and carry law via a new bill, which will remove the permit-to-carry provision and replace it with an Alaskan-type carry in which no permit would be required to carry.

Burglar Shot by Homeowner

A woman whose house was being burglarized is believed to have shot one of the three men caught in her home early Thursday.

BATFE Reform Bill Introduced In U.S. Senate

Senators Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) introduced S. 941 -- the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Reform and Firearms Modernization Act -- on April 30. Senator Leahy is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to which S. 941 has been referred.

Texas May Test State Sovereignty Over Firearms

A Texas state representative has set his sights on having Texas-made firearms exempt from some federal laws.

Obama’s National Park Service Bureaucrats Won’t Defend Visitors’ Civil Rights

The National Parks Service has announced it will not challenge a court order that temporarily stops the late-term Bush administration policy of allowing CCW-permit holders to carry in National Parks. That's the news media's backwards way of saying the bureaucrats running the National Parks are delighted they don't have to allow CCW-permit holders to exercise their civil rights in the parks, at least for now.

Montana Lawmakers Have It Right With New Statute On Self-Defense

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer this week signed into law a new self-defense statute that will steal the thunder from gun prohibitionists who invariably whine that armed citizens might take the law into their own hands.


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