Kimber Introduces 4-Inch Barreled DASA K6s Models

Kimber Introduces 4-Inch Barreled DASA K6s Models
Kimber DASA K6s 4-inch barreled .357 Magnum Target Model.
Kimber K6s Combat
Kimber DASA K6s 4-inch barreled .357 Magnum Combat Model.

Kimber goes big with its new revolvers, introducing 4-inch barreled K6s DASA options.

What the DASA K6s Target and Combat Offer:

  • Snappy 3- to 3 ½-pound single-action pull weight.
  • 4-inch barrel to milk the most out of the magnum’s ballistics.
  • Adjust sights on the Target model, low-rise white dot on the Combat.

At its inception, the Kimber K6s was envisioned as a concealed carry revolver. Snub-nosed, flattened cylinder, hammerless—it had all the features that draw armed citizens to wheelguns. But now, the New York gunmaker is taking the line in a somewhat new direction for 2020. You might say, with the K6s DASA Target and Combat models they’re going big with what previously has been a relatively demure series of revolvers.

This is thanks to the inclusion of a 4-inch barrel on the .357 Magnums, giving them plenty of bore to milk the most out of the powerful and accurate cartridge. It makes some sense Kimber would move in this direction, given around a year ago, they introduced DASA model, adding an exposed hammer model to the collection. Plus, it seems to be the way the wind is blowing in the revolver world. Colt added a target model to its King Cobra lineup and Ruger tacked on a 3-inch barreled “Mama Bear” .357 to its LCRx line.

Kimber K6s Target
Kimber DASA K6s 4-inch barreled .357 Magnum Target Model.

Though, Kimber isn’t going the whole hog with making the long-barreled options just a target guns. Yes, it’s added the Target model, complete with three-finger grips for superior control and fully adjustable rear sight to dial it in. But the Combat version plays off the K6s’ smooth lines with low-rise white-dot sights (dovetailed rear, pinned front if you want to switch them up). And it’s tacked on extended combat grips, so you aren’t left fishing when drawing the gun. Overall, for those who don’t mind a larger revolver on their hip, the 25-ounce K6s Combat (MSRP $940) is a viable carry option.

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That said, the Target model (MSRP $940) does have a lot of appeal. I’ve been lucky enough to get behind a couple of K6s, both the 3- and 2-inch barreled TLE models and was impressed with their performance. Especially the trigger. DAO hammerless revolvers, I had no choice but take the long road to send a round downrange. Yet, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing with the K6s, which is smooth enough to make the 10-or-so-pound pull weight is much more manageable. These aren’t the same triggers on your grandpa’s wheelguns. I can only imagine how much more pleasurable it will be to drop the hammer from single-action (around 3- to 3 ½-pounds) on a Kimber revolver designed to drill bullseyes.

Kimber K6s Texas
Kimber DASA K6s 2-inch barreled .357 Texas Edition.

Rounding out the K6s 2020 lineup is something for the collectors—or armed Lone Star residents with a sense of flare. The K6s Texas Edition (MSRP $1,359) is certainly eye-catching, the 2-inch barrel .357 boasts special G10 ivory grips with the TX state motto, name and flag, and Kimber’s timeless smooth satin finish Wrapping it all up, a fine vintage American Western scrollwork engraved on the frame. Definitely a different twist on a BBQ gun.

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  1. When will these new versions be available? I have one of the 3″ DAO models and it is my favorite of the 20-25 revolvers that I currently own. The 4″ Target model would be the best of all, I believe.


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