First Look: Hi-Point Yeet Cannon YC9

First Look: Hi-Point Yeet Cannon YC9

The long-awaited Hi-Point Yeet Cannon YC9 is finally here, sporting several upgrades and available in four configurations.

Hi-Point Firearms has just announced that the YC9 is finally available. Its designation stands for YEET CANNON, a meme name bestowed upon it by an online contest. Goofy nomenclature aside, the pistol is packing some substantial upgrades over its predecessor the C-9. Best of all, despite the makeover, the YC9 is still sporting a very reasonable MSRP of $229.


Firstly, the Hi-Point YC9 has four variants available upon release. There are two standard models, of which the only difference is one has “YEET CANNON” emblazoned on the side for those who really appreciate the name. The third variant has a non-threaded barrel, and the fourth variant comes equipped with a Crimson Trace red dot sight (and a higher MSRP). Those last two variants should already tell you that a threaded barrel (1/2×28) and an optics-ready slide are two of the new standard features of the YC9.

Hi-Point YC9 CTRD.

Besides being both optic- and suppressor-ready, the final big upgrade is the YC9’s double- to single-stack magazine that raises capacity from 8 to 10 rounds. Other new features include the addition of an accessory rail, a replaceable Glock-pattern front sight, a reversible backstrap and an overall aesthetic facelift that adds front slide serrations and a more ergonomic grip.

Hi-Point YC9 NTB.

The Hi-Point YC9 is available now, and it’s already started hitting store shelves with a sub-$200 price tag. If nothing else, for less than two Benjamins, the Yeet Cannon’s upgrades add a lot of tactical potential to the budget blaster.

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