First Look: Lone Wolf LTD 9mm Pistol

First Look: Lone Wolf LTD 9mm Pistol

Modeled after the Glock 19, the Lone Wolf LTD brings some welcome upgrades to the table.

If you know Glocks, chances are you’re familiar with Lone Wolf Distributors. You know, the aftermarket parts company—a good ones at that. If it hadn’t hit your radar, Lone Wolf has branched out from barrel upgrades and custom slides for the polymer wonders. Now the Idaho concern is a full-fledged gunmaker.

It all started in late 2020 with the novice-shooter angled Guardian Pistol that came bundled with training classes. Now the manufacturer has turned to something for the bit more seasoned armed citizen. Meet the Lone Wolf Lightweight Tactical Defensive (LTD).

Lone Wolf LTD

The company hasn’t strayed too far from its knowledge base, given the polymer-framed 9mm is most certainly a Glock clone. However, the Lone Wolf LTD isn’t a 1-to-1 Glock knockoff with a few shined up parts here and there by any stretch of the imagination. The company poured its upgrade know-how into making a fairly striking and unique pistol in its own right, one positively fit for everyday carry.

Living up to its name, the Lone Wolf LTD comes in at a featherweight 19 ounces without a magazine, extremely light for a 4-inch barreled pistol. Side by side to its Glock inspiration—the G19—it’s an entire 11-ounces lighter, making a much more manageable gun to carry for long stretches. A quick scan of the gun and it's simple to decern how Long Wolf achieved the weight savings, with the LTD boasting extensive cuts on the sides of the slide. In addition to removing heft, Lone Wolf touts the machining also helps reduce felt recoil, given there’s less mass thrusting reward. But the reduced weight of the pistol likely makes up for that.

The slide has been further enhanced with ample cocking serrations fore and aft, making the LTD more intuitive to manipulate. Additionally, Lone Wolf rounds all edges and corners, ensuring the pistol won’t snag on the draw.

There are some more nuanced features to the Lone Wolf LTD, particularly in the frame. In particular, the tang has a more pronounced radius permitting a higher grip than possible on a Glock, not only facilitating a solid handle on the gun, but also lowering its bore axis relative to the shooter's hand and arm. Additionally, the company amply undercuts the trigger guard. Both features give the big-handed shooter more real estate to work. Then at the bottom, Lone Wolf runs a low-profile mag well—not a common sight on self-defense guns. Similar in concept to competitive pistols, this accelerates the reloading process and clears the flesh at the butt of the hand from getting pinched.

Lone Wolf LTD 1

Other notables on the Lone Wolf LTD include a 6.5-pound trigger break, choice of gray or black frame, black or silver finished slide, stainless steel guide rod and Glock magazine compatibility. As for how it measures up against the origin G19 in price, the pistol holds its own with an MSRP of $699.

Lone Wolf LTD Specs
Caliber: 9mm
Weight Empty: 19 ounces
Length: 7.16″
Barrel Length: 4″
Height Including Magwell: 4.77″
Width: 0.99″ Slide; 1.13″ Frame; 1.49″ Magwell
Sight Radius: 5.9″
Trigger Pull: 6.5lbs
Other Features: Stainless Steel Guide Rod; Enlarged Magazine Release; Enlarged Slide Stop/Release
MSRP: $699.95

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