Concealed Carry

Sig 380 Feature

6 Best Sig Sauer Pistols For Concealed Carry (2023)

Not all Sig Sauer pistols qualify as boat anchors. Here are six sized perfectly for everyday concealed carry.

The 4-L Rule: Self-Defense Flashlight Techniques

Here are some top self-defense flashlight techniques for using a handheld light in conjunction with a pistol.
Taurus TH45 feature

Taurus Announces The .45 ACP TH45

With the announcement of the Taurus TH45, the company’s TH pistol line is now available in .45 ACP.

Living In An Active Shooter World

The skills, gear and legal considerations to keep you prepared for the possibility of encountering an active shooter.

Improving Defensive Semi-Automatic Handgun Skills

How to improve your defensive semi-automatic handgun skills by balancing speed, power and accuracy.

Should You Be Carrying A Trauma Kit?

If you carry a gun every day, carrying a trauma kit alongside it isn’t paranoia, it’s just being prepared.

Kimber Now Shipping The K6xs Revolver

Kimber has just released the K6xs, described as the only revolver in its class that features a 6-shot capacity of .38 Special +P.

Top Self-Defense Tools That Aren’t Guns

Nothing beats a heater on your hip when it comes to personal protection, but here are the best self-defense tools that aren’t guns.
357 Mag Lead

Best .357 Magnum Revolver Buyer’s Guide (2023)

The .357 Magnum revolver soldiers on, a fine choice for concealed carry ... if you hunt out the right piece.
hollow point bullets feature

All About Hollow Point Bullets

Hollow point bullets are the most popular style of defensive handgun projectile, so here’s everything you need to know about them.

Beretta 80X Cheetah Review: Good Kitty Or Damn Pity?

Beretta's new 80X Cheetah proved to be a supremely shootable pistol, but the author's had an issue that may make you reconsider carrying one.

First Look: Bond Arms Honey B

Bond Arms has just added the Honey B to its Stinger Rough series, now featuring improved grips.
G43X G48 1

10 Best Single-Stack 9mm Pistol Options For Concealed Carry (2023)

Single stack 9mm semi-autos are ideal for personal defense, and here’s a look at some of the best offerings in the class.
10mm 1911 Ronin feature

Power On The Cheap: Best Affordable 10mm 1911 Options (2023)

The 10mm 1911 typically commands a king's ransom, but not the six we hunted out.

Modernizing The Makarov

The Makarov is a classic carry pistol, but there are a few things you can do to help bring it into the 21st century.
Taurus 856 TORO Review feature

The Bull’s Eye: Taurus 856 Defender T.O.R.O. Review

The author takes a closer look at the Taurus 856 Defender T.O.R.O., the world's first factory optics-ready revolver.


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