Mossberg Goes Back To Its Roots With MC1sc Pistol

Mossberg Goes Back To Its Roots With MC1sc Pistol

Drawing inspiration on one of its earliest firearm, Mossberg ventures back into handguns with the subcompact MC1sc.

How the MC1sc measure up against other single-stack 9mm pistols:

  • Polymer-framed striker-fired.
  • 19-ounce weight.
  • 6-round flush fit and 7-round extended magazines standard.
  • Mags made of transparent polymer for fast round counts.
  • Steel three-dot sights standard.
  • Takedown does not require trigger pull.
  • MSRP: $421 base model.

Chances are, you know Mossberg as a long-gun company. No surprise, the gunmaker has zeroed in on rifles and shotguns with a zealot's intensity for the better part of a century, and to good effect. The Mossberg 500 alone is a legend and if the pump-action was all the manufacturer ever made, it would have still been considered among the greats. Yet, if you dig down deep, you’ll find a handgun at Mossberg's roots. A simple .22 LR pocket pistol lovingly dubbed the “Brownie” is what started it all.

Mossberg MC1sc

Drawing inspiration from this foundational firearm, Mossberg has jumped back into the handgun game 100-years later, though with a much different sort of pistol. While the MC1sc might mimic the Brownie’s minimal dimensions, it's much more cutting edge than its granddaddy and packs much more punch. The single-stack subcompact also has a couple twists that potentially gives it appeal in the very swollen class of firearms in which it will compete.

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To the brass tacks, the MC1sc is a polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm, a style of pistol that has swept the concealed carry market in recent years. The 19-ounce subcompact is configured very similarly to what’s already on available and won’t throw any curve balls at those who are familiar with this type of pistol. It has a DLC finished stainless steel slide with cocking serrations fore and aft, aggressive grip texturing and the usual trigger blade safety. The trigger itself breaks around 5 to 6 pounds, which is right in the ballpark with the competition. Additionally, it comes outfitted with steel sights, white three-dot pattern, in its standard configuration. They fit the slide via SIG-pattern dovetail cuts. TruGlo Tritium Pro night sights and Viridian E-Series Red Laser sight options are available, as is a cross-bolt safety. As expected with a concealed carry pistol, Mossberg has also done its utmost to round or eliminated all potential snag points on the handgun.

You'll notice the MC1sc’s differences when you reach its 6-round flush fit and 7-round extended magazines. In short, they’re clear, which is an interesting twist. The major advantage this affords is much faster round verification than witness holes or a sidecut. For older eyes, this might be a blessing. Though, only time will tell if these polymer mags – called Clear Count by Mossberg – have the resiliency for rugged use.

MC1sc Specs

The MC1sc’s other break is less evident and involves its takedown. Unlike many striker-fired pistols, the single-stack does not require a trigger pull for disassembly. Instead, you take off the backplate and pull out the firing pin to remove the slide, virtually eliminating the chance of a negligent discharge during routine maintenance. This is an especially nice touch for those new to semi-auto pistols and the safety conscious.

The big question remains, how much will an MC1sc set you back? This is where Mossberg scores big, releasing the base pistol with a very affordable MSRP of $421. Undoubtedly, the company has a tough road ahead in one of the most competitive gun markets out there. But the MC1sc certainly appears it has what it takes to hold its ground.

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