Mossberg Expands MC2 Family With Optics-Ready MC2sc

Mossberg Expands MC2 Family With Optics-Ready MC2sc

Mossberg’s new MC2sc is the latest optics-ready micro-compact 9mm carry pistol, and its features make it a serious contender in the ongoing battle for the best micro-9.

When a new handgun is released in the current CCW market, it doesn't take an oracle to know that it’s likely a polymer-framed, micro-compact, striker-fired 9mm with a double-stack magazine and an optics-ready slide. While it’s true that the new MC2sc falls into this category as well, Mossberg managed to incorporate some features that still make this a fresh design that’s worth considering for anyone in the market for a modern carry pistol.

Mossberg MC2sc

The original MC1sc was designed to compete with the Glock 43, resulting in both pistols using single-stack magazines of similar capacities. The MC2c came later in response to the influx of high-capacity micro-9s and had a larger magazine but a proportionally larger frame as well. While neither pistol came to dominate the contemporary CCW market, the new MC2sc has what it takes to be a serious contender. In terms of size, it falls squarely between the Springfield Hellcat and the Sig P365XL, and it comes from the factory with an optics-ready slide and both flush-fit and extended magazines. Its flush-fit mags hold 11 rounds of ammo and the extended can hold 14, again putting the MC2sc in between the Hellcat and P365XL in terms of capacity. Other features include an accessory rail and front and back slide serrations.

MC2sc with optic

The Mossberg MC2sc has a few different configurations available. It can be had either with or without a manual cross-bolt safety, and the sights can either be standard white 3-dot sights or TRUGLO tritium night sights. Every MC2sc model comes with an optics-ready slide, however, and that’s one of this gun’s most notable features. While most carry pistols in this form factor come optics-ready in 2021, what’s unique about the MC2sc is that Mossberg managed to achieve total co-witness when using an optic with standard-height iron sights. Achieved by mounting the optic lower than on any other pistol, the iron sights are completely visible and usable while looking through a red dot’s viewing window. The MC2sc uses a Shield RSMC optic footprint and is ready to mount a wide variety of compatible optics.

MC2sc cowitness

The new Mossberg MC2sc has managed to squeeze in just enough new features and upgrades to make this pistol worth considering for those who were in the market for a similar gun. Its small size, optics-ready capability and relatively high capacity are exactly what the contemporary CCW market is looking for, and as long as there are decent holster options available the MC2sc will likely be one of the next popular carry gun choices. The standard-sighted versions all have an MSRP of $556 and the night-sighted model is listed at $662.

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