honor-defense-fHonor Defense is a relative newcomer to the gun industry, and some may not be as familiar with the brand as other, more established names in the business. For those who don’t know, Honor Defense produces a quality line of 100-percent American-made pistols, which the company has fittingly called the Honor Guard series.

These pistols, although fairly new, have made a splash in the gun world due to their quality performance and affordable pricing. Now, the manufacturer has announced it has added a “Long Slide” version to its Honor Guard lineup, which features a slightly longer 3.8-inch barrel as opposed to the usual 3.2-inch barrel and, crucially, an integrated rail for attachments like a flashlight or laser sight.

“The Long Slide version has been a request from consumers since we first launched,” said Gary Ramey, President of Honor Defense. “A key benefit with the longer barrel is the integrated rail for lights or other accessories. The firearm features the same chassis system as the Sub-Compact; this highlights the modularity of our firearms.”

As with previous Honor Guard pistols, the new Honor Defense Long Slide versions incorporate a modular stainless steel chassis system, an ambidextrous slide catch and magazine release, snag-free iron sights and a crisp, 7-pound trigger with a short reset. Similarly, the Long Slide is a striker-fired design and utilizes the same custom-textured grip, which comes with two back strap options for shooters. It is also built to handle 9mm +P loads, just like the rest in the Honor Guard line.

The new Honor Defense Long Slide version of the Honor Guard is slated to begin shipping through distributors this month. For more information, visit the Honor Defense website.

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